ZWILLING® Pure Chef's knife, 20 cm  33601 -201-0
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ZWILLING® Pure Chef’s knife, 20 cm 33601 -201-0

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SKU: 4009839228919
  • Brand:                               ZWILLING
  • Series:                               Pure
  • Blade Length:                     200 mm
  • Handle Length:                   312 mm
  • Blade material:                    18/10 stainless steel
  • Handle material:                  Synthetic
  • Color:                                 Black
  • Weight:                               325 g
  • Country of Origin:                 Germany

The chef’s knife from the ZWILLING® Pure series is a versatile all-purpose knife to complement any kitchen. Enthusiastic cooks and professional chefs alike put their trust in the proven quality of SIGMAFORGE® knife blades. The strong, slightly curved blade is ideal for cutting meat, fish and vegetables and is equally good for chopping herbs. The knife has been forged from a single piece of steel and cannot fail to impress users with its precision cutting action. The curved transition from the handle to the blade optimises the knife’s balance and grip, at the same time acting as an additional finger guard. The ergonomic shape of the seamlessly finished handle provides even greater safety and comfort when cutting. With its minimalist appearance and outstanding cutting performance, this chef’s knife is a reliable, technically sophisticated kitchen implement. The stainless steel has been ice-hardened in a special process and is correspondingly corrosion-resistant and also retains its cutting edge. Thanks to its optimum cutting action, the knife glides effortlessly through meat and many other ingredients. The edgeless bolster and stylish design make the 20 cm-long chef’s knife a timeless classic. It meets the most exacting requirements in terms of performance and flexibility. Regardless of whether you need to chop large or small chunks or use it to slice a ham or roast, the sharpened stainless steel blade guarantees a clean result every time. Rely on the proven quality of ZWILLING and on a clean and functional design with this knife.

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