ZWILLING® Pure Bread knife, 20 cm   33606 -201-0
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ZWILLING® Pure Bread knife, 20 cm 33606 -201-0

48 500 AMD

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SKU: 4009839228957
  • Brand:                               ZWILLING
  • Series:                               Pure
  • Blade Length:                     200 mm
  • Handle Length:                   320 mm
  • Blade material:                    18/10 stainless steel
  • Handle material:                  Synthetic
  • Color:                                 Black
  • Weight:                               226 g
  • Country of Origin:                 Germany

The bread knife from the ZWILLING® Pure series combines quality with an appealing appearance. The special FRIODUR® blade is forged from a single piece of steel and is then ice-hardened in a specially developed process to give the blade its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. It is made of ZWILLING special formula steel, a material distinguished by its perfect balance of chrome and carbon. Thanks to these qualities, this knife meets the highest requirements and is thus ideal for everyday use. The serrated edge ensures that it cuts effortlessly through any bread crust, also retaining the blade’s cutting performance. Aggressive and higher prongs also ensure a clean cut, while the bolster transitions to the handle without disturbing edges. A finger guard prevents fingers from slipping from the handle when cutting. The chef’s knife delivers the very best cutting properties: an effortless rocking cut is made possible thanks to the curved lines of the blade. Overall the knife is very flexible, ensuring dynamic and precise cutting action. A further advantage of this knife that it is extremely lightweight and safe to hold. The ZWILLING chef’s knife combines tradition with innovation and is therefore ideally designed for all everyday needs in the kitchen.

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