ZWILLING® Pure Utility knife, 13 cm 33600 -131-0
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ZWILLING® Pure Utility knife, 13 cm 33600 -131-0

27 900 AMD

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SKU: 4009839228858
  • Brand:                               ZWILLING
  • Series:                               Pure
  • Blade Length:                     130mm
  • Handle Length:                   238 mm
  • Blade material:                    18/10 stainless steel
  • Handle material:                  Synthetic
  • Color:                                 Black
  • Weight:                               141 g
  • Country of Origin:                 Germany

When presenting a traditional snack, this high-quality utility knife will steal the show. When you serve hearty meats, cheeses, freshly baked bread, tomatoes and similar treats, you will be able to cut easily and appealingly with this all-rounder. The utility knife from the ZWILLING® Pure range is of average size at 13 cm and a serrated edge so it can be used for a variety of foods, so you can use a single knife at snack or dinner time. The ergonomically curved handle, which runs seamlessly from the bolster to the blade allows you to work easily and safely. The SIGMAFORGE® knife is a functional all-rounder from ZWILLING forged from one piece of steel which offers good balance and excellent cutting properties. The materials and special ZWILLING manufacturing process impress with their robustness, corrosion resistance and flexibility. The FRIODUR® ice hardening processing improves the longevity of the knife. We recommend having more than one of these utility knives in your kitchen, because of their everyday practicality. If you lay on brunch for friends, for example, you can place the knife next to cheese platter, a plate of cold meats, or fresh fruit. You can be sure not only of having a suitable knife on hand, and also of creating a cohesive look on your table.

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